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My Story

Hi! My name is Vanessa. I am a woman living in recovery in beautiful Parksville, BC with my husband, DJ, our incredible new bundle of joy, Joey, and our fur babies, Luna, Charlie and Rolo. If you were to ask me who I was a number of years ago, my life would have painted a very different picture. I was living in Toronto, Ontario drinking and abusing prescription pills daily, restricting, binging and purging regularly, suicidal and living a lie. On the outside things didn’t look so bad – I had a job, a relationship, an apartment, but I was completely broken inside. For years I silently battled depression, anxiety, alcoholism, addiction and an eating disorder, feeling trapped and alone. I tried multiple methods of therapy, medication and counselling before my final breaking point in 2015. Following a third suicide attempt I ended up in the hospital, a psych ward detox and then residential treatment in Nanaimo, BC.

After five months of treatment I found adjusting to life without alcohol and drugs extremely difficult. My eating disorder, depression and anxiety all reared their ugly heads making everyday in sobriety a huge struggle. With the help of wonderful counsellors and coaches, women in recovery and my family, I thankfully pushed through that struggle and found what works for me. Today I am a happy, healthy, sober woman in recovery from my eating disorder and substance use disorders. My passion has become sharing this with others who are struggling in their own lives so they too can live fully and recover.

If something in my story touched you, let me walk with you and bring the teachings of your darkness to light. Let me walk with you so we can heal our bodies, minds and hearts together.

Welcome to How She Heals, I hope to meet you soon.


Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC) by the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC)

She Recovers Designated Coach (SRCD)

Certified Life Coach

Addictions Certificate, Vancouver Island University

Bachelor of Arts, McGill University

Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute

(Beginner I, II, III, Intermediate I, II,III)

Masters in Counselling Psychology, Yorkville University 
(Currently in the program)

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How She Heals

How She Heals seeks to empower individuals through coaching and counselling at all stages of their healing journey.

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