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A few kind words from clients & mentors

“Before getting to work with Vanessa, I was battling severe flashback night terrors in lieu of my trauma I experienced at a very young age. Along with an eating disorder I’ve had since childhood, being in recovery from addiction and alcoholism – I found it extremely difficult to function with all my old wounds that I hadn’t began to fully heal from. I was having some scary thoughts of not being able to carry on..

I had seen a therapist when I was 12, however she retired shortly after. I was so fearful of ever having to create another trusting bond so I ignored all my pain and inner turmoil.

Getting to work with Vanessa has been an absolute gift! She is so incredibly easy to talk to and open up to – which for me is usually next to impossible! Her genuine love for helping people heal is very apparent in all she does. I no longer wake up sweating from a night terror, with no rest the next day. I no longer have huge eating disorder flareups that make me feel hopeless and unworthy. I have some incredible tools from Vanessa that I can use in so many situations that I use to not know how to handle or how I was going to get through! These tools have truly saved my life! She is a true angel and I literally cannot say enough about how amazing she is! I have gotten to grow in ways I never thought o was capable of!

I wish I could tell other women just how life changing working with her is! She helped me believe I’m worthy! That we are ALL worthy. We are all worthy of having the opportunity to heal from our pain and be the strong, whole women we have always meant to be!”

Kristine S.

“There are those of us who are meant to walk the path of pain before we step into our purpose.  It becomes obvious to us, eventually, that we walked that path so we can help others to walk through it to the other side.  I’ve been a coach for over a decade, and spent the last 8 years training coaches.  It is easy for me to spot a good coach in a sometimes saturated field, and that’s what I saw when I met and got to know Vanessa Levy.  She is graceful and elegant, but don’t let that lead you to believe she hasn’t been to the edges of her humanity and faced her demons.  A great coach is someone who has blazed the trail they help others walk down; someone who combines personal experience with a giant toolbox of skills and methods to help others transform their lives.  Vanessa could have shied away from delving as deeply as she did into her own wounds, she could have taken the road more travelled, but instead she chose to dig deep, not settle and level up to her highest potential.

Her life reflects the work she has done.  Her work reflects her understanding of what is needed to heal your wounds, and step into your power and purpose.  How She Heals is a manifestation of that, and the creation that came out of a lifetime of experience, education, and most importantly healing.  Vanessa is non-judgmental, caring, compassionate, brilliant, and holds a deep space for those looking for a safe place to heal.  She brings all of these skills and qualities to help women build a solid foundation, align with their purpose, and weave their recovery into the tapestry of their lives.  She can help you to build on what can feel like a failure into the best life you can imagine.”

Ann Sullivan, owner of BlissFlow Coaching

It is both an honor and a pleasure to offer a few important words about Vanessa Levy and “How She Heals” Recovery Coaching.  Over the past few years I have had the wonderful opportunity to mentor Vanessa and get to know her on a deep level.  Her ability to grasp concepts and apply them directly to foster positive change is remarkable.  She is extremely well resourced to bring her considerable life experiences as well as her varied skill set to working with clients as a recovery coach.  Vanessa has a strong, yet compassionate presence, she is down to earth, sophisticated and intelligent.  I have no hesitation in recommending her as she has all the qualities required to facilitate a strength-based approach for positive change, helping women to avoid relapse, build community, create a solid foundation in recovery, work on life goals, create healthy relationships, and enjoy fulfilling work.

Jacqueline Gautier, owner of Jacqueline Gautier & Associates Counselling

“Vanessa’s knowledge and passion for this job is boundless. She is an extremely compassionate, experienced, and understanding individual, with a knack for coaching clients through this daunting, but beautiful, journey. Her enthusiasm in this field of work is contagious, leaving clients with the tools and drive to be able to conquer the road to recovery themselves. Vanessa has helped me immensely and I know she will always continue to do so.”
Lauren D.

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How She Heals

How She Heals seeks to empower individuals through coaching and counselling at all stages of their healing journey.

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